Why haven't I gotten to trust level 2 yet?

I have engaged quite a lot but I didn’t got bumbed to level2. Could you please say what is lacking?

I’m actually not sure offhand – for some reason, there’s an admin UI for showing how close someone is to TL3 from TL2, but it doesn’t show up until you’re at TL2. I can dig when I get a chance, but I think it’s likely it’ll become a moot point quite soon!

@mattdm Thanks for your reply. I was just surprised as I have engaged extensively as per the statistics displayed in the image above, much more than what you mentioned as the requirements in your original post.

@mattdm Could you please check?

I am going to temporarily bump you to TL2, so that the admin interface will show me the details…

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Okay, here’s the update — you have a lot of replies, but mostly to your own topics. The threshold wants more engagement with other people’s posts.

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I got 2nd Level :slight_smile:

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