Shouldn't I have trust level 3?

Maybe my account is broken somehow? I’ve visited this site almost daily since it started but I just checked my profile and it appears to be TL2.

There’s more to it than just days visited. You can look at your specific list to see what requirements are unmet.

The above link gives me “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

Oh. Duh. Because it’s an admin link. :frowning_face: Maybe non-admin users can’t see the requirements (good to prevent gaming the system, I suppose)?

Anyway, you’re not quite there on:

  • Topics viewed (307/500)
  • Posts read (2272/2500)

Also, you’ve visited the site 98 of the last 100 days. Who said you could take two days off?! :laughing:


Sorry, I think a bit more flexibility would be appropriate. As I know on ask glb was always there.

We discussed this before we made the migration that we not will loose the TL as long as we have been active. Then all the batches from discourse got wiped off and we have been there with “short pants”.

So please, I do ask friendly, do not give “them” reason who say Fedora is RedHat. Include and not exclude those who worked with us before the migration!

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here.

Oh! I think it got lost in translation (it’s easy for that to happen), but Ben was joking. He meant that as actually a compliment to your dedication, I think.

The actual rule is much more flexible: you only need 50% of the 100 days.

It’s really hard to get the balance right, here. I’m open to changes. See TL3/TL4 instead of more moderators in Project Discussion - #8 by mattdm

Yea, but I think we talk about @glb , he was active when we made the transition. I also had to ask to get TL3 back. So please, willing helpers should get a support, and not just let them know what they have to do to get back where they where.

If glb was as me TL3 he was 48 days to much online and not two days missing :laughing:

I do not think so, you just got fallen through the sieve, as I did when we made the move. I just said it straight away.

Maybe there have to be made some more adjustments?

Off topic: Do you get badges for example, if you do kernel-test etc?

I used to. I haven’t done that recently though and they are working on the badges system, so I wouldn’t be surprised if things are broken.

Just to be clear, I’m not complaining. :slightly_smiling_face: What I originally pointed out was meant to be helpful in the sense that I thought I had found a bug in the system. Although the subject line may appear to indicate that I was disgruntled with its “Why don’t I have …” phrasing, that is actually the handiwork of some evil moderator, not me. :smiling_imp:

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I changed it for you :wink: Is it better this way? “Shouldn’t I have trust level 3?”

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