What's the right ratio of trust-level user counts for this site?

Continuing the discussion from Proposal: move trust level to 2 (from 3!) for marking problems solved:

Alternate title for this topic: “How hard should it be to get and keep TL3?”

Currently, user counts per trust level are:

level count
0 4092
1 1965
2 214
3 10
4 18

Now, we can’t do much about 0 ➔1; that’s really “who shows up with more than a fleeting interest”. I think that’s fine.

I also think a 1:10 ratio for 1 ➔ 2 is good. I mean, not based on any science; it just feels about right.

But by that same feeling, it seems like maybe 2 ➔ 3 is too hard. Maybe we should relax the TL3 requirements?

Or, maybe it’s just that we should consider 3+4 to be one category, in which case (when you factor out currently-inactive folks in TL4) that’s pretty close to that 1:10 ratio after all.

What do you think?

Sometimes self nominate to reach next level might be too haunting for certain people.

May be from time to time, you can invite suitable people to become TL3 as well.

Hello @mattdm ,
For me I didn’t even think about this until you asked here. I am fine therefore with what we currently have here, and fine if the majority want change too for that matter. I’ll let you know if something is not fine after any changes though, you know in the open source community spirit of course.

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@sampsonf TL3 is automatic; it’s TL4 you have to self-nominate for. But, you’re right – those invitations are a good idea!

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I think I mixed up Trust Level Number with Trust Level Name.

TL2: Member.
TL3: Regular.
TL4: Leader.

I think the ratios are in-line with what we see from the members here.

The number for TL3 + TL4 seem pretty reasonable when you consider that the vast majority of people either come only to have questions answered or post intensely for a short period of time before moving on to the next thing.

If we want more TL3s, I don’t think the answer is to make the requirements easier, I think it is to figure out how to increase long-term engagement.

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Suggestions wanted. :slight_smile:

It depends what we want the forum to be.

The most straightforward answer is to build a community that extends beyond asking for help and getting answers. People stay for the community and non-Q&A discussions and also answer questions while they are here. This works really well but brings in some other challenges. Non-Q&A conversations make moderation significantly more work as there is greater chance to slip into controversial topics. That being said, it doesn’t seem like this is really what ask.fedora.org is trying to be. Or, if it is trying to be that, it has a terrible name. :rofl:

Something I have seen used to good effect that might be more appropriate for this site is to leverage the badging system and titles in Discourse. One of the Linux forums I was once a part of had a series of progressive badges and titles related to the number of topic solutions provided. This gamification encouraged people to try to help others to achieve higher levels of achievement.