Users should got notification when Trust Level changes

I know our Trust Level will change automatically based on our recent involvement with the site.

But it will be great if I can got a notification when my Trust Level is changed - no matter it is up or down.

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I’ll look into the possibilities. There is a notification when you go from 1 to 2, and also I believe there is a warning if you miss the criteria for 3 and are about to go back to 2 (there is a grace period). I’m not sure of the details, though.

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I am not aware if there are pre-warnings about going from 3 to 2. But I do not exactly know where to look for it.

I guess when you not see the pen to edit the title anymore you are back to level 2.

Once back to Level 2, there are various indications.

But it will be great if there is a notification when level changes - and for automatical demotions, a pre-warning will be nice also.

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This is all I can find about notifications.

I might have been imagining things about the warning. I don’t think there’s a way to see your current actions needed, either. I think that’s to encourage genuine participation, because most of the things are, like, “read a certain number of new topics”, and if that told the number I think some people would be encouraged to click things without really reading them.

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It is OK with out the pre-warning - it is nice to have, but it is OK.

As long as the platform do not provide notification on level change, then there is not much can be done. So be it.

So, actually — it turns out I can see the progress towards TL3 in the admin interface for any given user. In your case, you are short (just barely) on one single metric, “posts read”.

Thank you for the hints.

Still we have no solution, unfortunately. The situation identified here is still happening to other users, and can discourage active TL3’s when they suddenly and accidentally find they are “untrusted”, so to speak. Something much more encouraging would be an automated weekly scan by an admin account that notes accounts that are marginally close to being downgraded and encourages them to try to hit the bar. I don’t see the disadvantage if someone then just clicks some posts to stay at TL3, but I do see disadvantages to just turning off access to someone who was a trusted and active contributor.

I’m not sure if I would like to actively encourage the “click to get TL3”. The idea is that people get TL3 when they contribute, not contribute to get TL3.

I agree that if people are active on ask.fp, it is ok to also have a look on keeping their TL3, and having these requirements in mind when contributing. Indeed, the TL3 requirements are a good thing to align to.

But I think if someone wants to keep his/her TL3, this is in the personal responsibility. We can see our total stats in our profiles and can monitor how they develop. And the default requirements that have to be achieved are public (I am quite sure there have been elaborations in multiple threads):


In general, I would expect from a TL3 that they can find the information and elaborate the needs for keeping TL3 themselves.

I would agree to activate a notification/warning if this can be achieved easily, just by activating a function or so. But I don’t think an admin should be obligated to regularly review stats and write notifications.

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The definition of ‘active contributor’ seems to be related to the amount of time spent reading and posts made. If someone is not keeping ‘active’ then it is on them if they fall back a trust level.

Someone may be active for a time, then taper off. If they are not continuously active then it really does not benefit the site to try and keep them with a higher trust level. After all, we gain trust level by our contributions, and we lose trust level by lack of contribution.

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I was recently demoted to level 2 even though I show up as among the most active for the past quarter. It would have been nice to have been notified and with which criteria I missed.

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I have not followed how your stats have developed, but when I compare your total against the criteria, I could imagine that the days of visiting, the topics viewed and the posts read are all close to the borderline of the requirements.

Indeed, when I review your stats (your likes and solutions), it is a bit sad that your achievements in other respects cannot balance that. But at the moment, the TL3 requirements are clear.

@mattdm just an idea I had in mind when I saw Scott’s profile: even if likes cannot be made an obligation until all types of likes can be counted, would it be possible to reduce/skip some read/view/days requirements if someone has despite the technical limitations a very high amount of likes or solutions? Such as 256 received likes (plus those not counted) and 22 solutions in less than one year :wink: Just to know if it is even worth to have a debate about it. I don’t know how precisely the requirements can be defined.

Also, we could maybe simplify it to get the exact information about TL3 requirements by adding the details (required read posts, topics viewed) of
to ? At the moment, only the required days to visit are contained.

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To be clear, I’m not asking for an exception. The guidelines do not appear to be clear by the report of a few people here. A simple notification when a user level is dropped and the reason would go a long way to improve the feedback of the system and to help everyone better respect the process.

I’m still not sure how I managed to slip levels, honestly. I’ve been averaging activity about every 2 of 3 days over the last quarter which is well above the 50/100 threshold. From what I can see of my own stats, I still don’t see how I managed to slip back to lv2. The other downside is I’m unable to contribute in ways I have been, such as being able to edit titles and posts for people and participate in Lounge discussions.

Again, I’m not asking for an exception, but as a user, I would like to know why I’ve been demoted, especially if it can provide feedback on what I might be able to do better here.

For example, when I do a search for users and sort by quarter, I’m the fourth person in the list. I’m sure there are different metrics to sort from, but it’s hard to see where I don’t line up among other Regulars. Reading time isn’t here, which I can see on my summary page but I don’t seem to have a way to track that metric quarterly, as a user.

Obviously, I haven’t stopped contributing and participating over this (heck, I’m in a family vacation this week and still doing this), but I’m also concerned that this ambiguity could be discouraging and have a cooling effect on users who are among the more active on this site when this happens.

(Edit update. I’m back to Regular after five days of TL2.)