System freezes totally

Machine currently on fresh install of f37 with no additional software added other than inxi packages. Freezes and is totally unresponsive randomly … can’t launch terminal window, no SSH, etc. etc…

History: machine been running few years in Fedora with no issues and was on f36 with kde plasma (X11 version). Suddenly after updates it started to lockup and freeze … no GUI/UI/SSH response, no way launch terminal etc…

I couldn’t identify any trigger.

I couldn’t identify anything in the updates and with the way it locked up zero logs to look at.

Did fresh install of f36 thinking maybe some corruption somewhere. Started to freeze on me again after added kde plasma and chrome and few other pieces software.

Tried f37 fresh install as just read it came out previous day. Can’t install f37 as issue in the installer with security and my mobo.

Did fresh f36 install, no additional software and immediate upgrade to f37.

Still locks up and it is a totally vanilla install with ony inxi added to pull system info.

I have no clue where to begin looking. Help, please.

I would show you the inxi output but as a total newbie to this forum I am not allowed :frowning:

Try to see another tread about this issue

I had the same problem with a freezing system. The fix was quit simple.