Freeze in kernel 5.19.14

Recently, I updated system including security, kernel etc.
Suddenly, however, system was frozen when I using Chrome. So I pressed any key but it didn’t respond.

After force reset my laptop, then I booted on kernel 5.19.11, It works well and doesn’t freeze.

Is it the fault of the new kernel? Or not, what did I mistake?

$ cat /proc/sys/kernel/tainted

According to the above picture, there is no element in the lists including what a time freeze occured (at 2022/10/10 13:20). <=Is the grammer right?

It could be a kernel freeze. Could you look at the journal logs from the boot where the freeze happened please? Hopefully it’ll have some information in there: errors before it all froze.

Unless we can reproduce the freeze, they’re usually quite hard to debug. You have to wait for it to happen again, and then try to debug it—but most of us just use a different kernel version and hope that the freeze goes away in the next update :slight_smile:

The boot log wasn’t recorded…
So I cannot expect a signal of the freeze.

Ah, right. Not a lot that can be done then. Nowhere to start from.

Very surprising though—the logs up until the freeze should’ve been recorded.

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The boot at 13:22 is likely the restart after the freeze. Thus the last part of the journalctl log for the prior boot should contain entries that may be related to the cause of the freeze.

Maybe if you tried journalctl | grep "Mon 22-10-10 13:" it might give enough info to see what actually was recorded at the time of the freeze.

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I have other problem but with the same

For me bluetooth and wifi aren’t working

And without secure boot the only display resolution available is 800x600

I’m waiting for deletion from repo or new kernel to skip updating to 5.19.14


My system froze yesterday Oct 10) during a system update. I’m now on kernel 5.19.14, so I believe the kernel was the problem. Ctrl-Alt-Del, and a restart and all seems normal…

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