Fedora 35 freezes shortly after installing many, but not all, updates

I have upgraded to Fedora 35. There are incremental updates available practically every day. After installing some updates everything is fine but on others the system freezes several minutes after completing the update. The mouse can be moves around the screen but there is no response to clicking the mouse or using the keyboard. Things like crtl-alt-F3 don’t do anything because keyboard input is apparently not being received.

None of these updates either trigger a reboot or suggest rebooting.

I have switched from intel embedded video to a Radeon card with no effect. I have tried xfce, plasma-x11 and plasma-wayland any have encountered the problem with all of them.

btw /use/share/applications/defaults.list does not exist

I find this very frustrating but have not idea what is causing this or how to fix it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi, you could try to run sudo dnf distro-sync. Basically the dnf upgrade also uses distro-sync as Fedora docs, but sometimes unlucky event happened.

I check my KDE installation there also no file you mention above. But all working fine and lucky for me I never have problem during the upgrade.

Thanks, I’ll try that

I don’t use kde, but in general there are some packages that take time to complete the install & configuration (especially when the update includes a kernel that has to generate the new boot files). You might be seeing that normal delay and interpreting it as abnormal.

If the system is working fine after the updates complete then you really should just start the upgrade and walk away for a cuppa. When you come back then the delays won’t disturb you.

I have my system set to do the updates during the night when I am sleeping so I never see those delays even though I know they happen.

Thank you. I probably didn’t wait long enough