Steam in Fedora

Any advice about steam in Fedora, enable the repo steam in software manager the dnf ) yum steam, install from flathub or other option?
I am asking from experience for gaming under Fedora Steam+Steam Play(proton) wanna migrate my game PC to Fedora and the 100% Fedora / RedHat / SilverBlue at work and home.
Thank you in advance for the help and tips.

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You can enable RPMFusion as instructed here and just install the steam package.

or alternatively you can install Steam from Flathub. I’ve found 32bit games generally work better under the Flathub version, which is most of Steam.

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thanks on the information, yeah I got the RPMFusion steam and Flatpak steam, was interested what is best, you answer it for 32bit games flatpak + I play a lot of Steam Play (proton) games that are 32bit.

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Doesn’t hurt to try both. The RPMFusion one will try and pull in 32bit dependencies, which can cause problems that prevent Silverblue updating for a few hours, the Flathub one won’t have this problems.

well I use two PCs on Fedora at work, one Fedora workstation and one Fedora silverblue.
my home portable pc is on fedora workstation and my game PC will have fedora soon,
but I don’t have silverblue on the game pc, only on my work test pc, and it is great sliverblue.
I don’t plan to try both I will stick with the flatpak from flathub, don’t like snaps at all (Debian/Ubuntu)
few games like Open RA are on AppImages and I found that they work better also then dnf install.

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Silverblue is actually really really good as a gaming OS, especially if you have Nvidia it has advantages over the normal Workstation, in that the driver should never break.

I use it myself for gaming.

I am already using silverblue and switched at the start of the work week yestarday
from FedoraOS to Silverblue as test PC or second PC at work for experiments, here is the post.

I will just be making a journal about my experience using silverblue as a testing PC for data science R, nosql, meanjs, etc (for testing new apps at work) and I might give games a try after it.

But as much as it is good silverblue it is beta and no stable version of OS, I only like to install my gamepc once and don’t care about it except updates. game PC still runs Linux Mint from years ago.
and I only use Intel everything (CPU/GPU/wifi) so in the last 10-11 PC on linux zero issues.

EDIT: IF a stable version of silverblue is out in the future I will use it for sure for gaming.


That means you might be on old kernels/graphics drivers.

I am updating Linux Mint of course 19.1 or 19.2, I am saying I don’t care too much about it, zero private data on it, using separate router and LAN, so even if it gets hacked who cares use timeshift.
From years ago I mean the original installation is from 2014 maybe, no format and new OS.

I play age of empires 2 HD, Starcraft, Red Alert and Warcraft 3, never had problem. I even play Dota2, RocketLeague via proton and works ok, but I don’t like ubunut debian at all, never got time to migrate.
Battlefront starwars the original from 2006 is my favorite probably from FPS.
I update the kernels from Linux Mint I am running 5 version something.
but I wanted to switch to fedora when I find the time, and I got my 2 work pc to play around,
the game PC is for games and entertainment (netflix, hho, jellyfin media player) install and forget it.

EDIT:I use same nickname for games feel free to check out my library. technically this is my 3-th game PC with same install cloned using dd, so I just wanna switch it now to fedora, don’t like ubuntu at all.


thank you for your input and advice @pluto I appreciate it.

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@pluto since you are a gamer like me you might want to give this a try Athenaeum ( it is in flathub game launcher to manage all open source games (at this time their are about 128 games, but I have not updated the database to check for more)

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So does it install the other games via Flatpak, from inside a Flatpak?

if you are asking about Athenaeum, it is not like Lutris to choose games to install, it has pre defined list. as far as I tested it 1 hour ago since I found it, it has local database of games that can be installed (the list on the picture) I tried 0ad and openra work great and fast to install. I am not sure you can install other games then the once listed (at least I have not found a way), their is no option like in steam add local games, I hope it can be used to manage steam games + maybe battle net or EA’s origin.
But your idea to install flatpak games from inside a flatpak app library is great actually, suggest it on git.


@pluto I tested the Athenaeum on my silverblue Fedora 32, Linux Kernel 4.5.X.X version:20190922.

works great and when I install the 0ad game from the info you can see, the install source is flathub.

I hope this helps.
you might be right about games on silverblue, but will leave it for when I have the time to test it out.
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