Considering switching to Fedora

Hello all.

I currently use Windows and Ubuntu in dual boot. I am not a power user and have only used Ubuntu sporadically, but would like to work more with Linux in the future. Since I like the idea behind Fedora, and I don’t like the whole snap thing with Ubuntu, I am considering swapping Ubuntu for Fedora, probably KDE.

Since I like to play PC games I wonder how well that works on Fedora, especially with Steam and Lutris? What about media codecs?

Fedora relies on open source software. I read something about RPM Fusion, does that provide Stuff that is not available under the normal packages?

And what about software that developers only ship as .deb packages, are there ways to convert them to .rpm or other solutions?

Hope these are not too many questions :smiley:

Welcome, and I hope you find this community can help you with your questions. If you haven’t already done so, please check out the “start here” section.

The RPM Fusion repo is enabled by most Fedora users, I think, as it provides access to codecs and other tools and libraries containing non-open-source things that can’t be packaged with Fedora.
Many users in this community do play various games successfully and should be able to provide more information on what works and what does not; I use Fedora almost exclusively for software development and continual learning, and find it great for my needs. I haven’t needed to access software shipped only as .deb, but I think I’ve read of a solution.


I use steam on fedora and have great luck with it. Many games are provided native, and others are possible as well.

As noted above, the rpmfusion repo provides stuff (codecs, drivers, etc) that cannot for one reason or another be distributed by fedora. It has handled all my needs for audio and video codecs as well as steam and drivers for nvidia GPUs for several years.


Just wanted to let you know that I have switched to the KDE spin of Fedora. Hope to get everything up and running. :smiley:


I would definitely recommend switching to Fedora 36. I also use the KDE Plasma version an it works great.

In my opinion Flatpaks are better than snaps, as they load a lot quicker, the store/hub is open source, and with SELinux and FlatSeal you can have much more security/permission control than snaps.

I would suggest try first without enabling RPM fusion and see if you get all what you need staying a little more stable. In my case, I didn’t bother enabling it, because I get my 4-5 apps that I use through Flatpaks, and the rest I rely on the Fedora team with their DNF package manager.

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