I have qustions about fedora

Hi, i have questions about fedora, please somebody can help me?

  1. It’s secure to use the steam with flathub? (for the money and passwords)
  2. Rmpfusion its secure? (i installed it i dont know, the 2 questions about secure are about i hear this are supported by community, an i dont know if that is secure)
  3. I want to play hollow knight, it recognises gamepad, but very wrong, x for the menu dont work, the triggers neither, y its a trigger, there is a way to fix that (i think maybe using big screen in steam i fix that, bu t when i go to install steam igot the first quesstion)
    Please helppp (My english is not good, but i hope you will understand this)
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It’s as secure as using Steam on any other platform. That being said, it’s only as secure as you keep your computer.

For a better explanation of RPM Fusion, I’d recommend reading this post. If you’re going to install RPM Fusion, I’d recommend installing Steam from the RPM there instead of the Flatpak.

I haven’t played games in Steam on Linux in a while so I can’t really speak to this, but I do know you can remap your keys and buttons in Steams Big Picture Mode.

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Thanks about all, the thing of remap, i will only us if there is no options, because the rumble.

Well. Also the packages in the official fedora repository are supported by the community :sweat_smile: if it is a concern for you.
Just to say, many RPMFusion packages are maintained by people that also maintain some packages in the official Fedora repository.
For what it worth, I trust RPMFusion the same way I trust Fedora. In the sense that I trust them :sweat_smile:

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One way to install Steam from the RPMFusion Repo could look like this:

dnf install fedora-workstation-repositories                 # if it is not already installed
dnf config-manager --set-enabled rpmfusion-nonfree-steam    # to enable the Steam-Repo exclusively
dnf clean all && dnf makecache                              # Rebuild the Database for dnf
dnf install steam                                           # to actually install Steam

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I’m the same way. Most of the packages in RPM Fusion are only there due to licensing issues. It doesn’t mean they’re any less secure or less maintained than packages :package: shipped with Fedora.


A thanks for all!, but my principal problem is the gamepad to play with rumble, somebody can help me with that ?

Please open a new topic describing your issue. You will also have more chances to receive attention, instead of asking in this topic. :wink:

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I agree and using the title “i need help”, or similar, is bad practice, because it is not easy for people to know what your issue is in case they wanted to help, or for people trying to search to see if topics exist about their problem. It’s best just to open separate issues about each thing with good, descriptive titles, IMO.