Conflicting requests with Steam... again

Hey all!

So, I’m trying to install Steam on my Silverblue system. I have done this many times, reinstalling or updating with Steam. All too frequently updating is blocked or some overlay won’t install because of “Conflicting requests”, frequently concerning i686 packages.

At times I feel as if there is no QA on Silverblue. A similar issue sometimes occurs with the h264 overlay.

I then wonder, is there a reliable way to update/install overlays like H264/Steam? Where do I direct my energy to getting this fixed “once and for all”?

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With Silverblue, my understanding is that Flatpaks are the way to go. Does the Steam Flatpak work?

Steam is not provided by Fedora, it’s provided by RPM Fusion, so that’s where the bug will go. Fedora QA (whether or not for Silverblue) does not test third party repository packages—so if you have issues with Flathub flatpaks, you report them to Flathub; if you have issues with RPM Fusion packages, they need to be reported to RPM Fusion:

$ sudo dnf info steam
Last metadata expiration check: 3:38:55 ago on Thu 08 Sep 2022 07:05:40 BST.
Available Packages
Name         : steam
Version      :
Release      : 1.fc36
Architecture : i686
Size         : 3.4 M
Source       : steam-
Repository   : rpmfusion-nonfree-updates
Summary      : Installer for the Steam software distribution service
URL          :
License      : Steam License Agreement and MIT
Description  : Steam is a software distribution service with an online store, automated
             : installation, automatic updates, achievements, SteamCloud synchronized savegame
             : and screenshot functionality, and many social features.
             : This package contains the installer for the Steam software distribution service.

I did a dry run here on my non-Silverblue machine and it did not give me any conflicts. Can you please post the command output so we can try to debug it before filing a bug?

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I wish flatpak were the solution.

Steam flatpak has poor support for controllers and external drive storage. Also, not all games get a launcher in Flatpak, but has been no problem with rpm-version.

Firefox shipped with silverblue needs bare-metal codecs to play some videos.

Today there was no conflict after updating; like so many times before… error one day, fixed another.

I’ll update this post the next time the conflicts inevitable appear again.

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Edit: I should clarify this is for the steam flatpak:

For the controllers you need to manually copy this file into /etc/udev/rules.d: steam-devices/60-steam-input.rules at master · ValveSoftware/steam-devices · GitHub

I’m not familiar enough to know Fedora’s packaging policies to explain why udev rules are in rpmfusion (It’s the steam-devices package afaict).

For adding external drives I’ve written a tutorial (feel free to make suggestions!): How to add a new library to Steam? - Tutorials and Tips - Flathub Discourse

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That’s because these codes are either not FOSS or are patent encumbered. Fedora does not include anything that’s not completely FOSS. So, no variant of Fedora will include these.

This is part of the Fedora community’s foundations: