Help me with gamepads, please!

Hi, can you help me for install xboxdvr or moltengamepad?, i will use that for a game, because all linux distros detect bad my gamepad, (confused buttons and more), and i will try luck with xbxdvr and moltengamepad, i dont understand instalation of molten, and i dont know how to install xboxdvr, but i found this:, but i dont know if is the oficial page or virus.

Hi, I struggled a lot when I tried to play some windows games on Fedora 34 using a generic gamepad but I managed to get it working eventually. What exactly is your problem? Can you remap your controller buttons from the game settings?

Please elaborate a bit:

  • Does your game recognize the controller? If not, do you just want to map keyboard/mouse events to controller buttons?
  • If the buttons are mixed up can you change them from the game settings?
  • What controller are you using? Original xbox or generic controller?

The website you provided is legit but it seems they only provide package for Ubuntu and I am not sure how to build from source. You can try AntimicroX which is available for Fedora and you can download it straight from the Software Center. Let me know if that helps. Cheers!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that AntimicroX helped me a lot but it was constantly crashing. I found a solution for that so let me know if you have this problem.

It is possible controller support is built into the kernel
see 16. xpad - Linux USB driver for Xbox compatible controllers — The Linux Kernel documentation

Did read already?