Valve / Steam wants to closer with Fedora and other distros

possibility to make Steam client oficial for flatpak or .rpm?

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possibility to make Steam client oficial for flatpak or .rpm?

I’m surprised no one has replied to you about this already but a quick search on shows the Steam client is available…

As per Third-Party Repositories :: Fedora Docs the Steam client is available since Fedora 28+ via the rpmfusion-nonfree-steam repo.

The flatpak, while awesome (I use it and works great), is not officially supported by Valve, I think that is what he meant.

I kinda think Valve should just declare the unofficial flatpak official and lend their support there. Does having the 32bit libraries needed for games included in the flatpak not solve the issue of not wanting to continue supporting multilib? The Steam flatpak already works great for me!

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Afaik it should, the Flatpak compat extension has pretty much all the libraries Steam needs. (IIRC the compat extensions are actually created from the i386 runtime.)

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Oh ok, so the runtime would still need to stick around for any future updates to the compat extension then? Seems like as long as we have people playing unmaintained games that require 32 bit that runtime has to stick around at some point or another, lest those people run ancient distros or go back to Windows.

Yes, solve it! It works for me, too…

At the moment yes, if Flatpak were to ever drop if (of which there are NO KNOWN PLANS afaik, just being clear in case anyone else stumbles upon this and panics) they could just create it in a different way.

There’s nothing stopping Valve from porting their current runtime to a Flatpak runtime as well, which to me seems like a much cleaner way of doing things compared to how Steam currently handles it.

Certainly they could, I would just rather see them sort of “adopt” the existing one since it already works so well. I understand that’s not always possible or ideal, would just be nice to cut down on duplication where possible.

True, be interesting to see what Valve do over the coming months.

It’s probably not likely for Valve to use the Flatpak. I don’t think they want
to rely on other vendors when it’s avoidable, and Flatpak is fairly
restrictive for this (when it’s used in the only way it’s useful).

They wouldn’t be relying on other vendors if they had their own Flatpak repo etc.