Using silverblue at work daily

I am a developer in the field of Data Science and use Linux (Fedora and CentOS) for 11+ years.
CentOS as CorePC, Fedora as testing PC
Migrated to Fedora as CorePC and FedoraBeta as Testing PC, but I plan to use silverblue as TestPC.

I have being testing silverblue for the past few week and since the start of this week (Sunday) today or yesterday (depending on your timezones) My Setup is Fedora CorePC, Silverblue TestPC, Day One sucessful.

For now I only used web services (gonme web + mozilla) and terminal mcedit for coding (rsync backup setup) , but with full daily use will add more apps and document it, so my question is what is the best way to share the experience, developer using silverblue daily bases for work?
Also any good reading suggestions are welcome.

Sorry if the topic is in wrong category.

I just wanna give back to the Fedora community.

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Hi @astraadria4ari,

Glad to hear you’re liking SIlverBlue so far. I provided links below if you want learn more about SilverBlue. I would say a good to give back to the Fedora community would be filing bugs and if you wanted you could document your experience of using SIlverBlue with YouTube videos.

What is Silverblue?
Fedora Silverblue User Guide
Fedora Silverblue wiki
Fedora Classroom(YouTube) Getting to Know Silverblue


I first learn about silverblue Fedora on Containers Days Conf in Hamburg 2019 June, then I read about it on the fedora magazine and I saw video made by Micah Abbott talking about it on Fedora Classroom.

SilverBlue as a technology is very unique, interesting and a great idea in relation to security and stability. I will make sure to file bugs and consider the idea about doing a video of my experience.

EDIT: Thank you @miker256 for the time, suggestions, advice, details and materials I appreciate it.
Live Long and Prosper :vulcan_salute: