Fedora Gaming SIG self-introduction

While I do enjoy playing games myself, I’m currently content enough with the current state of Linux gaming to the point where I’m more interested in games becoming easier to install and configure for users less interested in the platform itself.

I’ve recently switched to Silverblue and I’m loving it so far.

There’s two things I’m looking forward to right now:
The first one would be Nvidia landing XWayland acceleration support in nvidia-drivers as I’m currently stuck with an nv card on the desktop.

The other one being Flatpak supporting nested sandboxing for stuff like Steam’s pressure-vessel (that’s powering Valve’s latest SteamLinuxRuntime for Proton).
This would allow Steam Flatpak to run Windows games relying on the latest Proton builds to work ootb, without relying on com.valvesoftware.Steam.CompatibilityTool.Proton (an uno
fficial Proton build module for Steam Flatpak targeting the freedesktop runtime instead)

I don’t really play as many Windows games these days, but for the sake of future-proofing my wishes I might as well mention EAC and BattlEye support for Proton.
Steamworks just got Denuvo Anti-Cheat btw, they seem to be pretty clear and honest about potentially supporting Linux through Proton as well as natively should there be an interest for it.