Some BASIC projects on Fedora

One of my side-hobbies is retro-computers. The first programming language I really learned was QBASIC, so I got involved at some point with the QB64 project and have been using Fedora to write, test, and compile my projects with it. I made a copr repo for it, but it’s bit messy under the hood and probably not suitable for the main repos.

Here are some of my projects with it:

qbsh - A “Quick BASIC Shell” written in QBasic (QB64 flavor) that caters to people who want to relive having a BASIC shell, ala Commodore 64, CP/M, Atari 400/800, etc., but running on a modern Linux environment. There’s also a Quay container repo that supports x86_64 and aarch64 based on Fedora container images.

QORBLE - A Wordle-inspired game, but in the look and feel and gloriousness of a text-based BASIC game.

qbDecision - A simple GUI decision app that can make a yes or no decision for you. This uses InForm, which is a QB64 GUI designer similar-ish to glade, written in QB64. I might add InForm to the copr repo if there’s interest.

QbRick - Perhaps the first ever Rick Roll written in QBASIC? It exploits QBJS to break out of the BASIC interpreter to form a redirect. The source code looks like completely legitimate BASIC at first glace, but it’s a bait and switch. This one can be ran completely in browser, though works most reliably from a desktop browser than a mobile.

I also run the qb64 dot dev site for things like the QB64 git site, though that is currently running on AlmaLinux.

If anyone would like to partner with me to make these available as flatpak applications on Flathub, etc., I would appreciate it. Once compiled, they don’t need QB64 to be present anymore, so I think they’d see more usage if I could ship them as a flatpak.


I started making a game to have you learn old school basic. Alas I haven’t finished it but the basic interpreter does work.

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Very cool. Looks like you may have given me an excuse to learn Godot so I can maybe help with this.