[new project announce] Fedora Control Center

Hi everyone,
we are delighted to announce that we are designing a control center for Fedora. It is currently in beta1 and we are trying to make the code stable to release both the code and the rpm packages. We attach the first screnshoots:

Demo video

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(With my Fedora Legal hat on)
Hi @specialworld83. Using the “Fedora” name in this manner will require trademark approval from the Fedora Council. You should file an issue requesting trademark approval if you want to proceed with this name. I don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm for building things for Fedora, but we want to make sure that we don’t cause confusion with how our project’s name is used.


Interesting… can you describe the project a little more?

What exactly does it control? It seems from the video that it’s a launcher for a number of configuration utilities? Does it have its own as well or is it primarily a way to gather all of those in one place? If there are different similar tools installed, how does it decide? What if there are uninstalled tools?

What is the target user for this? Is it meant to fit with a particular desktop environment? Is it only for the desktop?

How would this compare to, say, running Cockpit?

Sorry, lots of questions ­— like Ben says, please don’t let that block your enthusiasm.

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I’ll open a request to use the name and logo since it’s designed for Fedora. In the meantime, I will change his name pending authorization. Thanks so much


The project integrates all the utilities inside it and the various components are inserted inside it. it works on any desktop and will soon have the ncurses interface as well. Don’t worry, the more the incentive and realization, I can’t throw away a product that serves the community

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Integrate or launch them?

Also, I’m interested in @mattdm question about what happens if one of the “tools” is not present or if it’s uninstalled?

Looks like a nice tool and has some very useful features. Is it going to be available as a Flatpak? I use Silverblue so that would make installation easier for my use case. Are there any plans to add more new features?

It is currently in an experimental phase and I have to clean up the code to release it on github. Furthermore, new features will be added slowly, such as the configuration of the LAMP server, the management of grub, and more. As for flatpak it is in my plans, I just have to figure out how to make the package and release it

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