Is someone out there willing to pick the Pop! Shell project?

Hello there!

One thing from Pop!_OS that I love to use in those serious multitasking moments my computer allows it the Pop! Shell window stackig feature. It is available on RPM Fusion for Fedora and they have a GitHub for other Gnome desktops.

However, since System76 is currently working on their own COSMIC Desktop Environment, support for the Pop! Shell will drop. According to Jeremy Soller, lead of the Pop!_OS team at the company, it will only have support for up-to Gnome 42 (The one used on Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS).

So, since I’m not from a technical background (I’m a sociologist/journalist), I write these lines as a call, a campaign for someone here, or in the Gnome community, to pick-up the project. It would be great as an official Gnome extension if you ask me.

Anyone? Please? :grin:

I am using Pop! Shell in Fedora 38, It still works, for now.

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So am I… and I love how it works. And I would be bad if if breaks for future verison of Gnome and there’s no one to fix or improve upon it.

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