Pop OS! GTK Theme in Fedora 34

Has anyone using the Pop OS! GTK Theme migrated to Fedora 34? Just looking to see if it’s still functional after the upgrade. Thanks!

I did try to install but got the following error:

```Called `/usr/bin/pkg-config --modversion glib-2.0` -> 1

WARNING: Could not detect glib version, assuming 2.54. You may get build errors if your glib is older.
Program glib-compile-resources found: NO

gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0/meson.build:177:6: ERROR: Program 'glib-compile-resources' not found```

Did you find out how to make the glib-compile-resources available? I think in Fedora it is called different.

I did a sudo dnf install libglib-testing-devel and everything compiled without issues. The biggest problem I see is that after everything completed successfully, Extensions states:

Pop Shell
Description: Pop Shell
Version: 2
Error: The extension is incompatible with the current GNOME version

So unless someone knows an alternate way, I guess the answer is that it doesn’t work after a Fedora 34 upgrade, which is a bummer.

Fedora comes with Gnome 40 where is almost everything different alias needs to be made specially for this new version of Gnome. At lest you found out how to make it under Fedora smaller Version 34.

Maybe you have to look by pop-os if they already have test versions where they use Gnome 40 too. Fedora is always a step ahead, that’s why it is difficult to compare it with other distros.

I would watch here and see when they port it to gnome 40.


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I guess System76 is quite busy at the moment to finish their new GNOME desktop modifications “Cosmic” for PopOS release 21.04 (to be released in June 2021).

Unfortunately I fear the GNOME extensions to implement “Cosmic” might not be ported to GNOME 40 soon. PopOS 21.04 is based on Ubuntu 21.04 and that still uses GNOME 3.38. So porting the PopOS extensions to GNOME 40 might not be a priority until PopOS/Ubuntu 21.10.

See also: Re-base to GNOME 40? · Issue #26 · pop-os/cosmic · GitHub