Learn to Develop for Fedora on Fedora?

Hello! I am in school for software engineering, I have an interest in Linux, and I’m intrigued by Enterprise Linux. I like that Fedora is upstream of RHEL and Amazon Linux, I’d like to learn how to contribute. I know Python and several packages like Flask and Psycopg3, HTML5/CSS/some JS, I’m learning Java, I’ve done some C and CPP. I’m an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, I know git and some GitHub and some Gitlab. Does src.fedoraproject.org contain the whole OS or just the packages? My understanding is just the packages, but I don’t know where my knowledge ends and jargon used by the project team and its members begins. Where would one go to find out where to start? Is there a discord and a way to get a mentor? The post needs tags, so I tagged “help” and the rest are things I may be interested in working on. Thank you for your time.

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Just a suggestion, but your listed skill set sounds like it might be a good match for the rewrite of the Fedora Badges application that is currently underway: Fedora Badges Development Meeting Calls are now OPEN for community members to join!

It is still in fairly early stages of development and I’m sure they could use some help. If you are interested, just join Monday’s meeting and Akash will probably have something you could help out with.



Hi @onemannoplan Welcome at Fedora!

We specifically have a “join Fedora” team, that assists to find the right place to contribute according to once’s interests and domain of skills. And we have a mentoring project, too. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough details about both. But as a start you should study the onboarding teams page at Fedora Join Special Interest Group :: Fedora Docs Among others they refer to a matrix group.

Yes, Fedora is quite a complex project and sports an in-group jargon, all of which makes it not easy to find the right place. But once you get past the initial obstacles, it’s a lot of fun and very compelling.

Just in case you might be interested in Fedora Server or Fedora Docs, I can provide all the information you need.

The Fedora Server Working Group is less about packages and more about server infrastructure. Currently, we are working on deploying Wildfly (Java), improving the installation in Virtual Private Servers (e.g. AWS lightsail) and the peculiarities of using it on ARM SBCs like Raspberry. And in the direction of Java, we/ I are working on a development of a tomee package and Wildfly (But this is going rather slowly at the moment, I would urgently need help). And of course we are constantly working on the improvement of our documentation. Have a look at our team page Fedora Server Working Group :: Fedora Docs or our documentation development page https://docs.stg.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora-server/

The Docs team is currently working on improvements of Quick Docs, a collection of shorter how-tos and on evolving a “virtual writing together” group to improve documentation. It involves a wide range of skills, so it may be interesting from a student’s point of view. See our team page at Fedora Documentation Team :: Fedora Docs


Thank you! I’ve joined the matrix chat.

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