Introduction/Presentation - Leonardo Alonso

Hello everybody, How are you?

My name is Leonardo Alonso, I am Brazilian and I am 15 years old, I am in my first professional opportunity in 1 year, but I study Linux / Cloud & DevOps in 3 years and I am preparing to obtain my first Red Hat certification

Whatever you need, if I can solve it, I am 100% available to help.


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Oi Leonardo! Bem vindo ao Fedora! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome! I love this attitude! Are there things you’re particularly interested in helping with?

Have you seen our sibling forum, Ask Fedora? It’s a great place to start helping people with your experience and knowledge.

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Opa, muito obrigado :wink:

Thanks, I’m interested in helping with the Linux / Infrastructure part and in the development part I can help depending on the problem in Java Back-End / Shell Script

Thanks for the Ask Fedora recommendation, I’ll take a look right now!

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Sounds great! For the infrastructure side, Infrastructure Apprentice - Fedora Project Wiki is probably the place to start.

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I will try to participate in the Infrastructure Apprentice, I will speak with the group’s adm to see how to proceed

I just sent a message to kevin on freenode, if I’m not mistaken he’s the adm of the group

Username nirik on Freenode. But pinging him directly might not be the best route, because he’s generally pretty busy. Try the steps Infrastructure/GettingStarted - Fedora Project Wiki first.