Mentoring scheme with Fedora community

Hi all,

I saw there is a mentoring scheme via Fedora community, but I don’t fully understand how it works. I am currently upskilling myself towards the devops role, online courses (AWS, containers and Kubernetes) via Linux Foundation and A cloud guru don’t quite provide me a proper infrastructure for engaging with community, so I was thinking maybe I can bridge that gap within my core comunity (Fedora, obviously). I don’t want to make it about myself because I’m sure I’m not the only one with having this problem of engagement and contribution.

My goal is to start contributing via git (or any other tool) so I can have some tangible projects that can be visible to the world, and hopefully helpful to someone. And I don’t have a clear idea how to do it, so any ideas would be higly appreciated.

Do you have any idea where to start, or who to reach out?

Thank you


Hi @igorjagec , could you provide a link to this scheme you are referring to please? I’m aware of a few that are listed here, each with their own requirements:


Igor, it sounds like maybe Infrastructure Apprentice - Fedora Project Wiki is what you’re looking for? I think you’ve summed up nicely how working on an open source project like Fedora can help grow skills and build your career — let’s figure out how to get you there, so if neither of these links seem quite right, take a look at


Hi Ankur, think this will do. Currently working with containers, I guess I will find something here.

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Hi Matthew, infrastructure definitively sounds like me. I’m currently upskilling Docker, hope I will find something related into Infrastructure section. Thanks!