Introducing Myself

Hi There !

I am a support Engineer at Red Hat ( I’ve been doing support for a long time, it’s my passion really). I joined Red Hat recently and while I’ve used and been an advocate for open source software ( been using Fedora for about 5 years, Linux much longer than that, mostly Red Hat and derived distros). I’ve been looking for a way to contribute to Open Source in a more committed way, and here I am !

Why are you interested in contributing to Fedora?

I’ve been using fedora for awhile- it’s probably the one open-source project I am most familiar with and seemed like a good an natural place to start contributing

Why are you interested in contributing to CommOps?

My passion is helping people solve problems with community, so one place I wanted to contribute was in documentation, but I really would like to get involved in communicating about the community of open-source, and helping people understand and use this stuff. I also think fedora in particular is a superior choice and I want to help make it bettter and bring people to it

Do you have any experience in open source or online communities? If so, what?

Of course I’ve been involved in a variety of online communities- from open-media and communications to ham radio and various projects I’ve been involved in in the past. An as I mentioned above, I’ve used and informally promoted open source tools and philosophy for a long time.

What parts of CommOps were interesting to you?

I want to start by exploring: I can write, I can review, but I want to learn about commops and find the best way to contribute, so I’m wide open to any suggestions or help that comes my way !

Do you have any questions for us? How can we help you get started?

Welcome @skipworthy

CommOps it’s a great place to contributing to the Fedora Project, actually, a good start point is helping to review and update our documentation. This works on both sides help you to understand more about the Team and the Fedora project in general and help us to get excellent documentation.

look in the other threads to know more about our current activities.

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Hi @skipworthy, welcome! :wave: We’re happy to have you here.

You might be interested to learn more about the Fedora Advocate Program. This is a hands-on way to do some outreach activities and promote Fedora to a wider community of users. Since you mentioned you work at Red Hat, I know one popular example of this is organizing a release party in the community and inviting non-Red Hatters to participate in the event.

This is just one possible example, and any creativity for outreach ideas are always welcome!

Like @bt0dotninja suggested, take a look around some of the tasks the CommOps team helps with. The Pagure issue tracker is a good place to look. Also, there is a lot of detailed discussion going on about CommOps in this thread:

Hope this helps! See you around @skipworthy, and let us know if you have questions or need a little more guidance. :smile: