A wish to contribute and join

Hello everybody. As per instructions I am posting self-introduction with a wish to contribute to Fedora.

Why are you interested in contributing to Fedora?

I first tried Fedora years ago. It was a Slovenian distribution based on Fedora Core 4. Then came Ubuntu, and it opened the doors to the world of Linux and open-source software, as it was extremely user-friendly. After years of distro hopping, I came back to Fedora. I’ve always believed that I somehow belong here. So, here I am.

Why are you interested in contributing to CommOps?

It was suggested by whatcanidoforfedora.org. I am not a programmer, although I understand the basic principles and use Python when I need to. My education is in social sciences, and my job is journalism (of a general sort, writing for newspapers—remember those? Printed on real paper?).

Do you have any experience in open source or online communities? If so, what?

This would be my first active involvement. I have participated in forums here and there.

What parts of CommOps were interesting to you?

Anywhere I can fit in. I am not a native English speaker, so that is something to keep in mind.

Do you have any questions for us? How can we help you get started?

Maybe a nudge in the right direction: where is help needed the most, taking into account my experience?


Hello @odisej and welcome.
I think that you could consider to get in touch with the marketing-team. It is very active in the last times and lot of ideas are in the pipeline.

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Thank you for your great idea! I will do so.

May I ask you one more thing? When trying to find information on how to contribute, I was running into walls (old links, information, suggestions). I think I could also go through some of the information and maybe update links and such. Would you be able to let me know who I can contact in this case?

Do you have links to the pages? Depending on which ecosystem they belong to there are different routes to getting them updated. You could also discuss with Join SIG (join-sig) folks. They may be able to help - also with your quest in finding a team to join and start contributing.

Welcome to Fedora! :fedora:

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We’d love to have you on the marketing team if you’re comfortable with it (you can get in touch with us through our Matrix channel), but with that set of skills I think you might also fit in real nice writing for Fedora Magazine.

I think the doc is more actual:

I will do so, thank you. Two examples of pages with incorrect links: Join Community Operations :: Fedora Docs (if you click on Fedora Discourse forum, for example). Clicking around I also stumbled upon an old page suggesting I should join a mailing-list …

I looked around and think that marketing and Fedora Magazine are good places to start contributing for me. Thank you.

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Whatcanidoforfedora.org sends you to Docs, but not all information or links are correct. (It’s not a big deal; I eventually got to the correct places.)

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