[Review request] Fedora 40 Wallpaper Talk!

Not sure if this is still the place to go for requesting reviews, when I published the blog post it said it was in pending mode for peer review so it may already be in the hands of whoever can review it and publish it for me haha. But wanted to double check so putting this here.

Article Summary: I go over the process that went into F40 wallpaper, the F41 wallpaper, and a call for contributors for F42 wallpaper.

Article Description: Includes photos of the wips and final versions, as well as explanations of how we got to where we did.

Link to draft https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/?p=13741 Hopefully this is right

Featured image or inspiration for one?

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Hi @madelinepeck your article has been reviewed, and is set to be published by 13th June

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Thanks @tosindoreen for taking the lead on editing. :muscle: I created a featured image (below) for the article and added it to the article.

Here is a public preview of the article ahead of publishing next week. Please do not share this link widely yet, until the article publishes on 2024-06-13T08:00:00Z.

Thanks @madelinepeck for sharing the background story behind the Fedora wallpaper design this past release! Seems like a great time to get ideas in for F42. :rocket:

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