Latest Fedora 36 Wallpaper: Request for Feedback!

Hi everyone!

@madelinepeck has put together a great blog post with information on the latest version of Fedora 36’s wallpapers, which is a collaboration between @mciahdenn and @madelinepeck. Micah rendered this latest iteration in Blender. I have attached the wallpapers (with both light and dark versions) here as well - as shipped for F36 beta (likely in a post-beta release update) they fully support the light/dark mode functionality that is a new GNOME 42 / Fedora 36 feature.

@madelinepeck 's blog post details how you can test these using the light/dark feature, but you can also simply download them from the repo and test them out on any computer:

We would love to hear any constructive feedback you might have on these designs here in this thread. Thanks :slight_smile:



I found Fedora Linux 36 wallpaper brainstorming! – Fedora Community Blog, but maybe there is a new one? Looking forward to reading it, if there is. :slight_smile:

I think those are wild, really cool. :sunglasses: :+1: :rainbow: :alien:

(I wanna touch the panels…)

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I like them a lot! A lot less visual noise than the wallpapers that inspired them => much better IMO :slight_smile:

Thanks for the awesome background!


Hello @duffy ,
I like the look, but not on Fedora Linux. It is too reminiscent and mimicking of another OS that is proprietary IMO. Can we not at least try to avoid emulating what the proprietary OS makers offer (I am of course referring to MS Win and Mac OS here). Just because it is done by them doesn’t make it right or the only way. Where are the Fedora Branding points? These are official backgrounds right? Shouldn’t we make our own face?


Our wallpapers are inspired each release by a scientist or technologist. This release’s wallpaper was inspired by a young inventor, Deepika Kurup, who invented a low-cost way to filtrate water to make it safe for drinking. The invention relies on the water passing through layers of different compounds.The visuals attempt to depict that by mimicking the “layers” of the filtration compounds via an abstract depiction of the water cycle … the ocean (front blue glass), the land (mid range green glass), the sky (rear blue glass) with the rain falling, and showing light passing through these layers.

We did take a serious look at a specific glass sculpture artist’s work (Stone Ridge Glass, Landscape Glass Art, Custom Glass Sculptures - Stone Ridge Glass) as inspiration but at no point I am aware of was Windows or OS X artwork consulted or used as an inspiration in any form.


:woman_facepalming: I forgot to add the link, I’ve fixed it now!

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Thanks for sharing the link, and @madelinepeck thanks for going over the process: I’m incorporating that specific process and images to demonstrate collaboration and revisions in a homeschooling lesson. :slight_smile:

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Yes, admirable work and a great way for Fedora to salute such efforts.

I may be a bit more sensitive to ingress of any mainstream OS’s apparent influence at this moment, or for that matter at any time.
FWIW, I do think this is probably one of, if not the best looking wallpaper Fedora has created up to now. I think it will be well received.

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Oh don’t worry, I am too :slight_smile: I am just so totally unaware of the other mainstream OS’s current doings that I’m not too great at detecting any incursion so thank you for keeping an eye out :slight_smile:

Just wanted to post a quick update - we are hosting a test day for the wallpapers this Thursday March 31 (in two days!) Please help us get these (and some of the default shipped extras) in ship-shape for F36 final! Here’s the details:

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I agree with your initial reaction.

Even the context does not save this particular wallpaper for me, and it instantly reminded me of the default WindowsXP wallpaper with a default blue taskbar below it.

I won’t make a stink about it, but I disliked it enough to come and make a driveby comment.

My constructive criticism would be to go take a look at the rolling hills pattern in the WinXP wallpaper, along with the default blue hue for the taskbar, and avoid putting a blue taskbar below rolling hills under clouds in the wallpaper design, as looks eerily similar to having a WinXP window inside your Fedora Desktop.

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What am I missing?


I hang with folks that are new computer users of all ages, and none of them know about Windows XP. Just an anecdote, but worth mentioning; Microsoft has placed themselves into business comms, code hosting, voxel placement, and even tried to control the concept of windows; I’d be sad to avoid the palette of nature on its behalf as well.

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There’s no such thing as a “palette of nature”. Grass ranges from blue to bright yellow, depending on species and time of year. Trees range from blue to red depending on species and time of year. Water ranges from teal/turqoise to dark algae green, depending on how deep, how turbid, and how full of stuff the water is. Skies range from bright, clear periwinkle dawn, to pink/orange cloudy sunset.

The color palette here is not bad or anything , but the layout is essentially the same as the old windows one, including to some degree the overlapping shading.

We’ve heard your feedback - thanks!

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well, it looks like my reply to your question “what am I missing” may have been moderated under the table, but you’re welcome, regardless, and thanks for putting in the effort to request feedback.

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I like how clean this wallpaper is but I must say I do miss the painted one! It had this nostalgic charm like old children’s books. Either way, good work!!


I didn’t moderate anything so I’m not sure what might have happened, but thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. We do appreciate it, and it gives us an overall flavor of how people interpret it. I don’t know that the WinXP likeness you see is something we’ll be positioned to take action on for F36, but we’ll certainly be more mindful on future designs of how those shades/hues might bring about that connotation.


Thanks. Again, it’s not as simple as the shade/hue. The color palette isn’t bad or anything, but as you can see, there is a blue hill on the right, a green hill on the left, and cloud in a blue sky, with shadows overlaying the landscape. The lines of the layers along the bottom are also directly reminiscent of the start button and task bar.

Here’s a link to the image that failed to pass some kind of discourse moderation gate. I hope it does offer a little more perspective on why the blocking looks like a direct reference. Note the green lower left and blue bar on the bottom.

Again, my goal here wasn’t to effect change at this stage, but I came to the page after noticing the resemblance and saw that someone else also did, and greatly appreciate that this forum exists. There’s no really equivalent for the big-box OSes.

Discourse maybe moderated it because it has the Windows trademark.

I can follow what you’re saying and would rather move on to other feedback so this one point doesn’t dominate the thread here.

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