Fedora 36 Beta Update

Just submitted a community blog post for review on the testing day for the f36 wallpaper as well as the overview on the design process.


Looks good! I made the following edits:

  • Updated the title to make it clear that it’s about the wallpaper and not the release generally
  • Removed the date
  • Rewrote some links to not say “here”
  • Added some headings to break up the text
  • Simplified the update instructions since the update is now in stable and the Beta will be out by the time this posts
  • Updated the category and tags

Since the Beta is going out tomorrow, I’ll manually publish this a little after the Beta releases. Normally, I’d wait, but since you have the test day on Thursday, I don’t want to wait too long.


Thanks so much Ben! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to see it after the beta release.

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And it’s live! Help Us Test Fedora Linux 36 Beta wallpaper – Fedora Community Blog