F37 Beta release announcement

Hey folks, sorry for the late notice. On behalf of @mattdm, the F37 Beta announcement is in WordPress. I’ll press the button Tuesday morning once we’re ready.


Should one of us use the image from the media library to update the sidebar?

… or the one I just noticed you submitted to the git repo.

Nevermind. I just glanced at the schedule and I see that the sidebar shouldn’t be updated until the final release announcement goes out.

Maybe adjust the download links? Right now, they point to getfedora.org/workstation/download/ but getfedora doesn’t link to beta releases (yet).

Maybe change links pointing to https://download.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/development/37/ until getfedora is being updated?

Also, “Gnome 43” (third paragraph, first sentence) links to the release notes of Gnome 41 - that is confusing. Release notes for 43 are not available yet, so maybe just remove the link or link to gnome.org

The article won’t be published until the website is live.

Good catch! Fixed.