Fedora Extra Wallpapers project

Hi! Just a head’s up that we are working on a set of 6 abstract extra wallpapers to be shipped with F37.

The project is located here:

The README there has all of the background so it’s definitely a good read if you are interested.

Thus far not a lot of progress to show, but I am proposing each wallpaper have an affinity with a specific color from the Fedora brand, as shown below:

Each color of the Fedora brand palette (save the grey) is associated with a concept that fits into the broader theme of Fedora’s values - freedom, friends, features, first. So I think this would be a strong narrative to tie together the designs.

They will be abstract designs likely rendered in Blender.

If you’d like to get involved, please feep free to comment here or pop into the Fedora Design chat:


Discourse is a bit of a nightmare on mobile, here’s the link for the design chat:

Head’s up that I posted more about this project in my blog, which includes links to source Blender files:

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This is awesome! Great use of Blender to make some really cool abstract wallpapers. Last week I was looking for abstract Fedora wallpapers, which is pretty funny considering your content!

Thanks for sharing!

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This is what I’ve got for the extra wallpapers for F37 beta… if you have any ideas or tweak suggestions now is a great time for them to be prepped for F37 final :slight_smile: Test them out here:

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My only critiques (really nitpicks) are to make the colours “pop” a bit more, especially on the light variants, as they seem a little low contrast. More “dramatic” lighting maybe, sort of like how the “Flower” ones looked, or the earlier version of the “Flight”* wallpaper, or more low-key like the earlier “Mermaid” design (speaking of… I hope one of the Flower ones get included too! I really liked them). The “Future City” dark variant looks a little muddy to me, whilst the “Montclair” light version looks a little overexposed. Otherwise, I think these look fantastic! They have something of a retro-futuristic vibe to them which ticks all my boxes, and I just love glassy/reflective stuff.


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