2024-05-28 Community Blog Editor Roundtable

Better late than never! Here is our editor roundtable meeting summary from a while ago. Many of these pieces are already in motion, but it was worth capturing here for posterity.

Highlighted content for last week includes the following articles:

Notably, there is also a lot of content coming next week for Fedora Week of Diversity. There will be one article daily next week. So the editing schedule will be a bit crowded next week.

The automatically generated meeting report is available below. Hope to see folks next week on 18 June. :wave:

Meeting started by @jflory7:fedora.im at 11:32:31 UTC.

Meeting summary

TOPIC:Pending article review (@jflory7:fedora.im, 11:36:39)

TOPIC:Author Q&A (@jflory7:fedora.im, 11:53:44)

  • INFO: If an article author is present, this is a chance for them to ask questions to the editors about their post. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 11:53:48)
  • LINK: Fedora Week of Diversity 2024 - With Ankur Sinha – Fedora Community Blog (@jflory7:fedora.im, 11:55:07)
  • INFO: FWD article series to publish daily from Monday, 17 June to Thursday, 20 June (@jflory7:fedora.im, 12:00:03)
  • IDEA: Create a new WordPress tag for all of the FWD 2024 stories for easier grouping/sharing (@jflory7:fedora.im, 12:00:36)
  • HALP: Update the upcoming posts calendar for FWD content during that week (@jflory7:fedora.im, 12:01:01)

Meeting ended at 12:02:39 UTC.

Action items

  • @amoloney Follow up with I&R weekly update author to hold off on the weekly post this Friday
  • @roseline-bassey Edit the CPE quarterly update article for publishing on Tuesday, June 11th
  • @tosindoreen Edit the Fedora Wallpaper article for publishing on Thursday, 13 June

People present (lines said)

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