Fedora 40 Wallpaper

Fedora 40 Wallpaper

Happy December everyone! :art::sparkles:

The Fedora Design team is on our routine mission to create the next wallpaper this time for the Fedora 40 release and we want you to be apart of this project. This is the type of project that is perfect to work on while you’re hiding from family members over the holidays, or thinking of how to strengthen the digital art skills that will be on your New Years Resolutions :wink:

This is kind of a special release, the big four zero so we were wondering if this should be a special wallpaper. Usually, the wallpaper’s inspiration follows the alphabet, so if we were doing things normally we would vote on someone from a STEAM background (a famous inventor, engineer, scientist etc.) whose last name began with O (the fortieth letter in the alphabet).

So we might end up voting between Ellen Ochoa, Hans Christian Ørsted, and Jarkko Oikarinen. Their different backgrounds would inspire different visuals. So if we chose Ørsted electricity visuals would be more prevalent whereas with Oikarinen we would have to choose how to represent communication and collaboration based on his invention of IRC.

Orrrrr because it’s the 40th release we could do something a bit different, and find inspiration from just the word Open. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@jimmac was one of our community contributors who created the most recent Fedora wallpaper, Fedora 39 in Eevee. Below are our most recent wallpapers with both the day and night versions. If you’re interested in looking at the complete collection of Fedora wallpapers to get some inspiration, feel free to investigate here.

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The Fedora wallpapers aren’t just a one-artist project. Multiple people work together to find inspiration photos on pixabay.com, pexels.com, unsplash.com, to create sketches, and to create the final work.

Below is the mind map we created that started the journey for Fedora 38.

If you’re interested in joining the Fedora Design team and contributing at any phase of this project, please feel free to join our group on Element with this link to stay updated. :star:

Please vote if you are someone who A) uses the Fedora default wallpaper or B) plans on contributing to the wallpaper/design team.

Otherwise, we would love general feedback in the comments!

  • Inspired by person in STEAM with O last name
  • Inspired by Open
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I’m torn! I think right now I’m leaning towards the STEAM people with O last names because it seems easier to come up with visuals. Open might be too broad, and we will need a beta wallpaper in February.

Stay well!
-Madeline :slight_smile: :globe_with_meridians::rocket:

PS. If you would like to contribute to Fedora 40 wallpaper here is the ticket on gitlab


I don’t personally use the fedora wallpapers. I like to cycle wallpapers using Variety (It’s an app on the Fedora repos).

It might be nice for some people though to keep a cache/folder of previous fedora wallpaper releases so people could cycle through them with Variety as well (Or any other wallpaper cycling software)

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I have such a thing dating back to Fedora 23?! ish. . . I liked the old Wallpaper and kept them. I intended to modify them in Blender but have been busy of late.

Please consider having Mollie Orshansky as an inspiration too. She’s a statistician and economist, who developed the understanding and measure of poverty in society.


Ørsted’s magnetism could be a neat theme that you could combine with the “Open” Topic. Talking about “open” as a topic. I really like this artist: The Greats — Great Artists Give (+ he works on CC license)

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For a theme of “open”, I’d suggest doing something along the lines of an open door leading to something that represents possibilities. Inspiration and ideas could be gotten from Googling “open door wallpaper” :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone,
I would love the Fedora 40 wallpaper to be based on Leonardo da Vincci. He was a great artist and inventor.