Pets of Fedora!

Let’s get this Off-Topic Fun thing started with Pets of Fedora. Share your various cats and dogs and iguanas and ferrets and fish and whatever else! I’ll go first! Here is Tia, my family’s ridiculous little Pomeranian-Poodle mix:

Awwww. What a cutie. Fun fact! My daughter named her “Hestia”, after the greek goddess of the hearth, but after about ten minutes it became clear that that was much too long and weighty a name for such a silly little thing. So, “Tia” it is.

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It’s a cat or a dog?

Definitely a dog! I’ve always been a cat person, but there are some endearing very Dog behaviors that I like in this one. If you’re working a a desk or table, she’ll come lie down and guard your seat. If you leave your place on the couch watching TV, she’ll move there and guard it until you come back. She is very fierce and protective: if my daughters start squabbling or even play-fighting, she gets upset and growls. The most adorable tiny little growls.

I’ll post some cat pictures too. One of 'em, Izzy, you may have seen on a Fedora Council video at some point. She likes to jump on my laptop and get on camera, and sometimes hang up on @bcotton.