Call for Fedora Community Pictures

Hey everyone!

I’m working on a redesign for the web page, and I’m looking for pictures from past Fedora events for it.

Images can be casual, candid, or organized. The goal is to capture the spirit of the Fedora community for future events.

If you’re interested in sharing, please post them to this thread.

Thank you so much,


I’ve definitely got some — I’ll look for good ones.

I know of some albums on Flickr, too (not mine)

plus try Search: flock fedora | Flickr


@mattdm those albums are great! I think some of the shots will be perfect for the Flock/Nest site.

I found a couple pics of my own that might work… They are mostly phone pics, so the quality is not as great. Even if you don’t use them- still fun to share :slight_smile:


@mattdm & @riecatnor, thank you so much for posting these! I’ll certainly be able to use some of them for Flock’s new look.

I’ll still be accepting more if anyone has some good photo memories of Fedora events that they would like to share :slight_smile: