What are your favorite moments from the Fedora community? Tell us in photos!



Hi all! The Fedora Community Operations team is working on Fedora Appreciation Week, an event starting for the first time this year in November. To help us celebrate Fedora and our community, we want to know… what are your favorite moments from the Fedora community shown in photos? Do you have a favorite memory? Share it here with us!

Either upload it to this thread or to this public Google Drive folder.

We plan to use these photos during Fedora Appreciation Week. Added photos may be featured in Community Blog posts that will publish during Appreciation Week. If you would not like your photo used on the Fedora Community Blog, please let us know in a comment.

I can’t wait to see what people have to share. :smile:


Hi @jwf :smile: I love the idea - but I think it’s better and easier to create a folder in Nextcloud (or Google drive etc) so people can add their photos directly there, instead of posting them in this thread. What do you think?


Nice idea. For short-term, I made a shared Google Drive folder that should allow anyone to upload photos. In the future, a free solution would be ideal if we had more time to get something set up.

I’ll edit the original post to mention this option too.


Thanks @jwf :slight_smile: I will start sharing some photos :hugs: