How was Fedora Appreciation Week 2018? Share your feedback here!

Hi everyone, we want to collect your thoughts, opinions, and feedback for this year’s Fedora Appreciation 2018 event. Please share any feedback or retrospective items in this thread. :smile:

In today’s CommOps meeting, we ran a quick retrospective. Some of the points to highlight from the meeting:

  • @x3mboy: More emphasis on receiver of appreciation message in social media coverage
  • @x3mboy: More publicity / awareness for Fedora Happiness Packets (some people only realized it existed when someone sent one)
  • HELP: Need to figure out a way to gather metrics on how FAW 2018 went
  • IDEA: Next year: experiment with zodbot alias?

Feedback is welcome. It can be praise but also critical feedback. Do you wish something else had been done? If you could change something for next year, what would you change? Let us know what you think.

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Well, I already said my thoughts. I want to keep this in history to next year.

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We can probably open a new ticket on Pagure for FAW 2019 and tackle it when we’re ready next year. If someone doesn’t beat me to it, I’ll try to get around to doing this.