New category Request: Fedora Podcast

We would like to have a category to allow the audience of the Feodra Podcast to have a place to give feedback, ask questions and interact with the Fedora People. In that Category we would like to have the subcategories:

  1. Feedback
  2. Episodes
  3. Fedora conversation

Sounds good to me. Do you want this under Special Interest Groups or under Project Conversations? I suppose the latter.

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The latter make sense to me too

So, what is the next step here?

Reminding me to do it? :slight_smile: I’ll set it up tomorrow morning. Setting a reminder.

This is done! I changed the ownership of the category description to you — please edit to fit.

Editing the description right now. Thanks so much for this

Yep! Sorry for the delay. Let me know if you need any config changes or anything.

I’m trying something. Can I create subcats inside that subcat? I’d like to have a “Shows”, a “Discussions” and a “Support” subcats. Maybe “Support” is not needed, since we can just link people to ask.fp.o

No, but we can use tags for that.

It is possible to 1) require certain tags and/or 2) restrict the list available tags for the group to shows, discussion, support.

Ok, that works. I think those 3 tags, restricted in the category will do what I want.

I’m going to edit this post to create those tags. :slight_smile:

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Okay, done. Let me know if it works. Also: I can set the color to something different. Have a preference? :slight_smile:

I always prefer the 4F colors, but that’s just my preference

Too many categories to do it that way, unfortunately.

Well, no problem with that then.