Pro tip: if you don't frequent Ask Fedora, you can mute the category

I do appreciate that Ask Fedora is on the main forum, but I’ve found that it clutters my home page and tracking notifications because it’s just so much content I don’t engage with. I muted Ask Fedora and so far it seems like all of those topics have been deemphasized. Just letting folks know in case they felt similar to me!

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Yes — you can do this at this link:

This is a “magic” link which will redirect to the config page for any logged-in user. You may also want to check this box

which allow you to watch particular tags within that category. This is new, and I think might be the solution to the problem which lead to Adding -team to (almost) all of the tags in Project Discussion. Once I have some time to recover from Flock, I’m going to look at that.

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