Fedora podcast announcements category -- valuable or not?

Hey Podcast team (@x3mboy, @computerkid, etc…). I made the Podcast have its own subcategory under :category_news: News & Announcements — but I’m not sure that’s actually the right thing. Should this just be a special tag in the Announcements group?

Having Podcast as a separate category does give a little bit of a highlight on the front page, which is something… but not really the point of categories. (We can find a different way to do something like that.)

Let me know what you think, and particularly if there are specific category-level features these posts would benefit from.

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Sorry for the late response. It works for me in any way. We use the podcast tag, category and subcategory to get exposure in the discussion’s site, any place you think it fits it would be ok. I’ve just created a new post and it was easy and understandable, so it doesn’t create more work or any bottleneck in our workflow.

When I requested the structure we had before, I was specting people to jump in and discuss things, but honestly that didn’t happen, and it’s logical, myself, as a podcast user, never went into any discussion site/forum to talk about the podcast, I attend several “live” sessions and I’m looking forward to do that with the podcast in a free (as in a beer) and open way.

I think I’ll leave it as a category for now. I like how it’s distinct in the overall list of announcement posts, which again isn’t what categories should be for conceptually, but it’ll do. Maybe depending on how Should we colorize tags? works out, that’ll serve the same purpose.