Categories and subcategories small UI change (feedback and suggestions wanted!)

Mostly, as per the 2022 structure of this site, we don’t have a lot of subcategories — :category_project: Project Discussion is at the top level, and you can filter by tags inside that.

But for news and announcements, we’ve got Community Blog, Podcast, and now an Announce List mirror as subcategories. So that looks like this:

I think that this fails to make it very obvious that there’s actually _stuff in the top-level :category_news: News & Announcements, not just thosse subcategories.

For now, I’ve made a small CSS change that makes it so the whole description is clickable and takes you to the overall category (which shows topics in both the top level and the sublevels).

I’m thinking of something different, though, based on a half-baked idea for Fedora announcement list workflow in general (the main announcement list plus the three other main announcement lists, devel-announce, contrib-announce, and test-announce). That idea is: we’ll actually originate all future announcement posts to those lists here, which provides a better editing, scheduling and moderation experience than the mailman moderation queue. Then, there’d be no reason for anything to actually be in the top-level category anyway, since all such messages would go to one of those four categories anyway.

What do you think (both about the bigger clickable area, and the idea in general)?


I’m not sure I ever noticed that the whole description wasn’t clickable, so I guess I’m fine with the change.

I like the half-baked idea, though, and would like to see it be more baked.


I’m moving it slowly towards the oven. :slight_smile:

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Your baking idea seems to, um… undermine the premise of your CSS change. Or am I misunderstanding? :slight_smile:

Have you seen the new desktop category page style called “Categories with Featured Topics”? There’s another one for “Subcategories with Featured Topics”, I wonder how that looks with the site’s current category structure.

Thanks for trying to get folks to where they need! :sunglasses:

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As long as the individual links within the description text are still clickable (which they seem to be) I’m cool with it. :slightly_smiling_face: