How can we improve interactivity in off-topic friends?

Coming from EndeavourOS forums, it feels like the Fedora Friends category(especially the off topic fun) feels empty. Not many people just hang around like a community huh?

Well, lets try to improve that.

Here’s a screenshot of the EndeavourOS Lounge.

A recurring post are the “What did you xxx” posts. These are one giant mega threads where people post what they are drinking today, share their recent purchases or personal achievements, what music or shows they are consuming.

They are just small little threads, but accumulate hundreds of comments with constant engagement.

They really make the community feel like a big happy family(not the dysfunctional one).

Perhaps Fedora Discussion could use this type of posts too?


Thanks for bringing this up! I’m totally up for ideas. I started a Pets of Fedora! thread that I expected to get a little more interest. I’d love to see more both on Ask and over there. Maybe we need a Discussion Fun team. :slight_smile: