Fedora design video chat hangouts

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Hi everybody

Before the holidays I did a few very impromptu live design sessions/chats using streaming / video chats (the first was on twitch but I didn’t like how one-way it was, so subsequent ones were on Jitsi.) We did some live digital painting, a design critique session, and also a Discourse theming session, with a lot of fun and random chatter and banter

I’d like to continue this on a more regular / planned basis, maybe every two weeks, and I am inviting my current set of interns and mentees to join in too (hoping it can be a teaching tool for them!) The idea is anyone participating can bring some design work they are working on for some critique / advice / etc. and if nobody has anything to show off I will always have some Fedora design ticket or thing I’m working on that we can look at as a back up. I want it to be very laid-back / chill but also a super-respectful, calm, encouraging, and safe environment. All of the Fedora code of conduct [1] rules apply.

If this is something you’d be interested in participating in or if you have any ideas or concerns around it, let me know. I am hoping to schedule the first session sometime next week.


[1] Code of Conduct :: Fedora Docs


We have a whenisgood set up to figure out our schedule, if you are interested in joining please let us know your availability:


Thanks to everyone who participated in our time survey! We have a time: Wednesdays at 1900 UTC, starting next week (January 20.)

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 7:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time

The Fedocal event is here:

These links will change after the Fedora element.io server becomes available imminently (hopefully before our first meeting?? )

Tons more details in our Hyperkitty post:
Fedora Design Sessions Live / Video Hangouts Details

Hope to see you there :slight_smile: