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Give input on a Fedora Design Week by leaving feedback on this ticket or get involved with coordination by filling out this WhenIsGood: Fedora Design Week - Coordination Meeting

The following is copied from the Mindshare Ticket found here: Issue #359: Fedora Design Week - mindshare -


At Nest with Fedora 2022 we had a handful of design related sessions and it got me thinking about doing a Fedora Design event. I have also been co-mentoring a Fedora Badges Design intern, and although they’ve completed a lot- there is still plenty to do! Beyond that, there is a lot of wonderful community activity currently happening around and related to design. We have regular ongoing projects, backlogs, and new exciting design work that is all being worked on currently.



  • Onboard & teach skills to new contributors
  • Teach skills to existing contributors
  • Network & build relationships with other OSS communities
  • Connect the Fedora Design team with the greater Fedora community


  • Holding/recording tutorial sessions on “how-to’s” for different software & specific to Fedora design needs (Inkscape, penpot, gimp, natron, kdenlive, blender, etc)
  • Work through backlogs on the Design & Badges queue
  • Work on Fedora wallpaper(s) that are in progress
  • Conduct usability testing for new Fedora websites
  • Move badge designs from old template to new template & push new art
  • Collaborate with the Marketing Team for their revival
  • Update documentation


  • Virtual event that lasts a week
  • Platform ideas: hopin, meet, bluejeans, peertube, workadventure, other?

What’s next?

  • Put together a working group to coordinate/plan/execute the event
  • Decide on dates, format
  • Create documentation (wiki page?) about the event, start formatting & adding resources
  • Find speakers, session leads, people willing to give tutorials
  • Accumulate recommended resources on different tools/Fedora sub-projects
  • Networking- what other communities/orgs can we work with or model this event on
  • Promotion, we want Fedorans & beyond to participate in the event
  • Plan for some wrap up session/event

What can you do?

  • Comment on this thread with ideas & requests for the event
  • Volunteer to be a part of the working group
  • Participate in the event

How can I be a part of the working group?

  • Project/program management (Herding cats, keeping things focused & moving along)
  • Marketing/Communications (Blog posts, mailing list, IRC/Element, social media)
  • Networking (Liaison between Fedora design & other communities that would be interested)
  • Design (Promotional materials, platform setup, event materials/guides)
  • Video editing (Editing tutorials & session to publish on YouTube)
  • Research (Finding & documenting best tutorials/existing resources for FOSS design tools)
  • People/skills/things I am probably not thinking of- Please tell me what I am missing!
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Thanks to everyone who filled the whenisgood! Based on the responses, I have set our first meeting for September 19th at 1:30-2:20PM EDT (5:30-6:20PM UTC). I added everyone who replied to the whenisgood to the meeting invite, if you missed that but still want to join, please let me know and I can add you on :smile:


I wanted to add that I am super excited for this! :stars: :art: It is great for Fedora to be a leader in this growing Open Source + design space. I am all in for piloting this as a new event.

Most of the discussion is happening in the Mindshare Pagure ticket, so I will keep up with this there.