Creative Freedom Summit - Hosted by the Fedora Design Team

Hi folks!

I wanted to share information about the continuation of the Interested in a "Fedora Design Week"? Learn more, leave feedback, and how to get involved thread and how that’s evolved over the last month.

What are we trying to do?

Primary Goals:

  • Promote Open Source creative tools
  • Spreading knowledge of how to use them
  • Connecting creatives across the FOSS ecosystem

Secondary Goals:

  • Promote the Fedora Design Team as a welcoming group
  • Create a potential onboarding path for new design contributors
  • Spread info on how to use creative Open Source tools in communities

What’s been goin’ on

A group of folks have gathered to work on putting together an event, dates TBD. The idea evolved from “Fedora Design Week” to “Creative Freedom Summit - Hosted by the Fedora Design Team”. We have been busy at work with the following:

  • Inviting speakers to present on various pieces of software/features, coordinating availability, and session specifics
  • Establishing a platform/structure for the event (Jitsi & Peertube)
  • Working on a logo design for the event, and more design assets
  • Researching and testing social sessions that will be a good fit
  • Putting together a “Promotion Kit” and a list of orgs to invite/promote to, as well as contacts

Here is a description for the event (feel free to share!):

The Creative Freedom Summit hosted by the Fedora Design Team is a virtual event to promote Open Source creative tools, features, and benefits of use. The Summit is a free 3-day event, dates TBD. Each day will feature several informational sessions on various tools and topics related to Open Source creative software, as well as a social session to connect with other participants at the event. The Creative Freedom Summit is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Open Source tools, how and why to use them, as well as to connect with other creatives working in the Open Source ecosystem. We hope that you will join us!

What’s next?

Once we have a logo and schedule finalized, we will begin promotion on Fedora channels. We also plan to reach out to other communities, of all kinds! Look for another update in about two weeks.

Have some feedback or want to get involved?

It’s not too late to get involved or provide feedback! Leave a comment here, message me (riecatnor) on Element, or join the upcoming Release Party(<- registration) where we will be presenting on the Creative Freedom Summit 2022-11-04T13:30:00Z. For more info about the Release Party, check out the schedule.

We welcome all kinds of contributions, including but not limited to:

  • help with promotion (writing, sharing posts)
  • suggestions for contacts/orgs that would be interested
  • artists/designers that want to pitch in
  • project management related tasks


A huge thanks to @duffy @jesschitas @ekidney @joseph @smeragoel @isagordillo for getting involved in the planning and coordination of the Creative Freedom Summit! We are really excited about the event and we hope that you join us :hugs:


Hey @riecatnor I’d love to provide art/design assistance if required