Fedora Linux for professional graphic design – a comprehensive overview


Though it isn’t only Fedora, but rather Linux-related, recently I published a two-part, comprehensive post about professional graphic design on Fedora Linux, on my blog. In its first part I referenced Fedora in a couple of paragraphs, as I use Fedora as my primary operating system for almost everything I design and do.

I thought it’s worth sharing here – assuming I’d also be happy if someone posted similar content in the community. :slightly_smiling_face: You can read it here:

The first part is more about generic concepts, while the second part is about the individual software tools.

Márton Lente


Welcome to the project and thanks for these posts! They do a good job of explaining what the FOSS creative ecosystem looks like right now.

Since it seems like it might be up your alley, the Fedora Design Team is actually hosting the Creative Freedom Summit in mid January of next year. It’s all about the things you wrote about. Just putting on your radar. :slight_smile:


@joseph , thanks so much for pointing me to this! Looks really exciting! I joined the event’s chat. :slightly_smiling_face:

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