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Just before the Christmas holidays, you may have participated in one of three impromptu live design sessions / video chats I held. In the first session, a group of Fedorans did a critique on one of the Fedora 34 wallpaper mockups. In the second session, another group of us did a collaborative design session for a custom Fedora Discourse theme. In the last session, we did a live digital painting session.

This was part of an experiment to see if there would be enough interest and to generally test out the concept of holding a regular Fedora video chat meetup. Due to the ongoing pandemic, and the fact that it started just as I was returning from maternity leave, the Fedora Design Team never resumed our regular IRC/Matrix text chat meetups, and I was looking to see if we could be a bit more creative (I mean design is a creative pursuit 🙂 ) in how we chose to sync up.

I think the experiment was a success, so we will be holding these in a less-haphazard way on a regular schedule, and calling them “Fedora Design Team Sessions Live.”

Meeting Details

Our inaugural session will be, well, coincidentally the date of the upcoming US Presidential Inauguration – January 20th, 2021 at 19:00 UTC. (See timezone conversion chart or check out table below.)

A Fedocal event for these meetings is available.

Location Time Offset
UTC 19:00 / 7 PM UTC
Boston (EST) 14:00 / 2 PM UTC-5
Arizona (MST) 1 PM UTC-7
Israel (IST) 21:00 / 9 PM UTC+2
Prague (CET) 20:00 / 8 PM UTC+1
Moscow (MSK)
Nairobi (EAT)
22:00 / 10 PM UTC +3
Kolkata (IST) 0:30 / 12:30 AM UTC + 5:30
Phnom Penh (ICT) 2 AM UTC + 7
Timezone conversion table

Meeting Cadence

We plan to hold these sessions fortnightly, so the second session would be February 3rd, the third session would be February 17, so on and so forth.

I will send reminders the day before to the Fedora Design Team list and also provide an opportunity for anyone interested in bringing some work for critique or wanting to cover a specific topic to raise it before the meeting. Otherwise, we’ll fall back to backup content (typically current Design Team tickets or work items.)

Meeting Recording Policy

I’d like to keep these meetings informal, so I am proposing we make the recording available only until the next live meeting, at which time the recording of the old meeting will be deleted. This is hopefully a reasonable mix of allowing folks who cannot make it live the ability to participate while keeping some informality level to the meeting since it’s not meant to be a permanent record.

Meeting Platform

We’ll be using Jitsi, an open source video chat platform, for these meetings. Our official chat channel,, has this Jitsi meeting linked to it, or you can visit the same Jitsi session outside of Matrix using the Jitsi link.

Firefox is the recommended browser to use with Jitsi, except if you have multiple monitors and intend to screenshare. In that case, use Chromium or Chrome for the best experience with Jitsi.

Note: The links above will change after Fedora migrates to our upcoming new server.

Meeting Safety

I intend to maintain a laid-back / chill but also a super-respectful, calm, encouraging, and safe environment. All of the Fedora code of conduct rules apply and I have zero qualms about enforcing them to keep this event highly-inclusive and safe for all.

We hope to see you there!

You can use the handy-dandy video meeting launcher below to hop into the session at the appointed time. 🙂


Design Team Sessions Live

Use the link below to join the live video call at the scheduled time.


Do we have a recording of the last session? :pray:

I’m interesting in the ask-fedora one :pray:


We don’t. :frowning: Jitsi apparently doesn’t have built in recording. I am going to try to record with OBS this time.

Here’s today’s session, the recording will expire in 2w:

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Here is today’s session, the recording will expire in 2 weeks.

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Thanks to everyone who joined the video session last week! The recording is available here, and will expire in 2 weeks to give anybody who missed the session a chance to catch up:

Here are the tickets we talked about in case you’d like to revisit any of them: #743 Titles / Animations / Visual Styling for How Do You Fedora video series #741 Color recommendations for interfaces (i3 SIG related issue) #707 Fedora F35 Artwork Cheers! ~m

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Here is the video meeting we had yesterday in case you would like to catch up:

This video will be publicly posted until the next meeting so if you want to check it out do so before the next meeting :slight_smile:

What we covered:

We devoted the entire hour to a review of Outreachy applicant work in the Fedora Design queue, including:

The next meeting is scheduled for April 28th.

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Here is the latest Design Team Sessions Live video:

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I have the meeting video from May 12 available but we hide the old version when we post new. If you would like access though I can let you have temp access just let me know.

Here is the meeting video from May 26: