New install fedora 37 wont reboot, gets stuck. I think i may have pulled the usb out too soon?

title says it all. after my initial install, did some set up, and it told me to reboot. i did, i think that i pulled the usb out too soon, cuz it froze when i did in a black terminal looking screen. now it fails to reboot every time i try it. Do i need to reinstall?

Welcome @lance to ask :fedora:

If the install had not completed and you did not have the ‘finish’ button at the lower right then you certainly did pull out the USB too soon. In fact you may not need to pull it out at all. I don’t on my system.

I wait for the finish button, then use the menu at the upper right to restart before I remove the install media.

If you had done the setup where you created the user etc. then it seems you may have a different problem.