Fedora 35 KDE Spin Completely Crashed, will not boot

Fedora fc35 5.16.18_200 fc35 KDE desktop system will not boot. The terminal was opened this morning to check for updates and had something like “bid/bash program has crashed” in red.
Dell E6510 with SSD.

Attempted to reboot machine and none of the kernel options will boot, not even the rescue option will boot into KDE plasma environment. There were a handful of KDE updates installed yesterday, 4-10-22 which rebooted machine to complete and came back ok. Need help!

When you say it “won’t boot”, how far does it get? Do you get to a systemd rescue shell or does it not even get that far? Any pictures with logs, etc., you can provide would be helpful.

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It gets to the Fedora splash screen with the spinning arrow, but no further. I have selected all of the kernel options listed. Same result.

Do one think when you see fedora logo just press esc key and the errors which are loading and which isn’t just add a picture so we can know.


Here is the picture you requested.

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What happens if you wait out the udev process?


I have let it spin for a good while, 10 minutes or so. Never gets past this point.

There must be more that are failed to load maybe you have missed do it fast press esc and try to record that and take screenshot of those failed modules and post here. That maybe help us if there is any restoration possible.


there are more modules that I cannot display, as they run off the screen too quickly. What I will most likely do is reinstall the system. However, this time I will manually partition the drive. This is a stand alone system on this computer and I am not sure what partitioning scheme to use, uefi or bios. Any help would be appreciated.

What i can understand that only the nfs is failing but that is not the reason why it did not boot.
But if you want to reflash do it but wait for sometime if others can help else
Make a live usb then go into the lice mode and take out a copy of /home dir
Then reformat with /boot 1gb and / for root with btrfs rest space if you don’t know to make dedicated var or /home dir
Then once you have installed as you have home backed up you don’t loose any file or documents.


I have a USB drive flashed, but this system was installed only a week or so ago. There is nothing really to backup except the settings. I would like to fix it without wiping if possible, but won’t lose sleep by starting over.

It’s possible this might be related to this recently published common bug? That is listed as for Fedora 36 and your post is for Fedora 35, so that’s why I question it, but the symptoms seem very similar.


No, that’s a completely different bug.

I was thinking if you actually boots but maybe gnome or kde shell hangs can you try ssh into system if you can we can check journals with journalctl.

Is that possible through a live usb? If so, you would have to walk me through the steps.

If you are talking about the ssh it is not possible with a live usb on the same system but you can do it with a another system but still i don’t know whether your system really boots but if it boots but hangs some stuff but root and systemd and other stuff working if it really possible to access it with ssh because you have to enable sshd
So it may not be possible. In my system it is possible as i have turned on that.

I think that booting from a live usb then using chroot to access the installed system will allow you to look at the journal. You would need to mount the entire installed system to a fixed location such as /mnt in the live system and bind mount /dev, /sys, /proc, & /run to the equivalent in the installed system mounted at /mnt. After that and a chroot to /mnt you should be able to use journalctl to see the logs on the installed system.

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Here is a guide

I think journald now is set to persist logs on Fedora by default (that didn’t used to be the case), so this could possibly work.

I have a text file of the logs for the system that crashed, I think. It is several thousand lines of text, but I can’t seem to upload to this forum. Where do I send this for someone to review?