Help: Fedora 37 upgrade broken system

After i downloaded F37 and restarted, my daughter was banging on a few keys, it loaded a text prompt that i login but my normal username and login didnt work. So i restarted and now after unencrypting the login doesnt appear. Rescue mode says cannot open access to console, root account locked.

In rescue mode, it says “failed to mount boot-efi.mount”, “dependency failed for”, “failed for selinux-autorelabel-mark.service”, failed to start “lvm1-monitor.service” and “failed to start systemd-modules-load.service”.

Please advise, since I don’t even know where to begin. Thanks in advance

Welcome Jeff to ask :fedora:
Sorry the first post you do here is for such a negative situation.

It seems that something was done that may have corrupted the boot process.
Was it possible you were logged in as root or had used sudo to get to root before this happened?
Where were you and what may have been open when this happened?

When you power on do you see the grub menu?
Can you select and boot to an older kernel?
Did you do a new clean install or an upgrade?
Had you already done an upgrade after the initial install or not?

All I did was click download in the software store then afterwards clicked restart. I turned my attention to something else that couldn’t have been more than 30 seconds to a minute. I was not logged in to root that I am aware of.

When I power on, I see the grub menu. But even selecting one of the older kernels give me a failed to start errors: systemd-mand, systemd-logind.service and dbus-broker.service.

I’m still kind of a noob when it comes to linux. What is the best way to get my system back while preserving my data? Would it be possible to reinstall the OS without reformatting and using my same home directory?

That means an app with root permissions was running and interruptions may have corrupted something. Your daughter and the keyboard while this was going on seems a recipe for disaster.

Since you cannot boot to any of the installed kernels this is the time to boot to a live media to begin the recovery. Not terribly difficult, but does require working from the command line to move forward.

If you installed with btrfs file system the idea of a reinstall being possible for recovering without damaging /home is difficult so even a backup would probably involve booting to the live media then a backup before the reinstall. Recovery without reinstall would probably be just as easy.

Let us know how you wish to proceed.