Fedora 35 KDE Spin Completely Crashed, will not boot

https://paste.centos.org/ is a good place.

I tried to install 36 KDE Beta inside VM-Ware on windows, but I couldn’t get past the KDE logo, that cog thingy would spin for a few seconds and then nothing, everything froze, no response, so I started experimenting, each time I only changed 1 variable
Finally, by turning off Accelerate 3D graphics (and Audio Device auto-connect) I made it to the Live Session and installed it, one instance under UEFI another under BIOS
Performance in the Wayland session was AWFUL compared to the X11 session
I played a test YT video at 1080p; no lag no tearing, and EXCELLENT quality no sound. I didn’t have any Audio Device connected (in the VM) once I connected the audio, EVERYTHING went slow motion, not just the video, the whole OS (inside VM, outside no problem) and That’s where things stand as of now.

This sounds like a separate issue, so it’s probably best to start a new topic so as not to hijack the OP here.

I thought it’d be helpful, It was meant to be some kinda “reply” to this problem our friend is facing.

martin and scott,

Here is the link: https://paste.centos.org/view/e70329e6

Did you see anything in the logs that might point to what went wrong? I am considering a reinstall of the KDE flavor, but also may try the Cinnamon desktop. I don’t like system breakages and am not adept at recovering broken Linux systems.

It was such a big log and extremely hard to find anything useful i think just do a reinstall whatever happen there
You can try the beta build of 36 and it will be stable in next 10days or so. Kde gnome or cinnamon whatever you like flash that. I hope there should be no issues. Now if you want something like a locked distro then silverblue is a good choise.