Cant boot after update

so ive ran fedora 36 since it came out for doing my business accounts, when 37 came out i was sick of getting notifications about it so i upgraded.
all was fine until tonight when i got home from work. i started the laptop and did an hours accounts then it said theres important updates, so i ran:
sudo dnf update

it finished so i rebooted.
the laptop froze on the 3 little squares screen
i rebooted and got to grub screen with the following options,
fedora rescue.

none of which boot. and and all freeze on the 3 little blocks screen
while rescue says something went wrong contact system admin.

any help appreciated as i have all my accounts, even if i can just transfer accounts to my external then re-install fedora.

Normally with a live iso this should be possible … you just have to mount the original data that you can get access to it. You can try and see if the live iso auto mounts the data so that you can copy it.

not sure how to mount the data from the live iso

How long after dnf finished did you wait before rebooting?

How long did you wait with the 3 squares showing before you decided it was frozen?

Did you try to see the system boot messages by pressing the ‘esc’ key while the 3 squares were showing?

There are several things that run in the background after a kernel is installed while the system builds new modules for the new kernel. Rebooting too soon may interfere with completion of those tasks. Interrupting that during a boot can cause major problems and the delay may often be interpreted as a ‘freeze’, especially during a boot.

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Yeah, especially with older hardware this can take some time.
Pressing esc is a good idea, to see the progress.

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